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To paraphrase a principle of serendipity, I am the beneficiary of brainstorms that I am not always necessarily looking for.  They seem to come from an unvisited place, like elaborate dreams about realistic places the dreamer has never consciously been to.  As an artist, I feel compelled to express the various and assorted concepts that stir me the most.  This multifaceted aspect at work in my thought processes contribute immensely to the eclectic nature of my art.

Intellectually, the processes with which I formulate and realize my creations has a lot to do with the paradoxical extremes of believe and unbelief; seriousness and nonsense; purpose and chance; the believable and the improbable; etc. and, often, very little to do with the indeterminate world in between.  Life as we know it either has extra-existential meaning or it doesn't, period.

Practically, the compositions contain either disguised or unmasked subject matter that is thematically and intrinsically antithetical to the randomness that characterizes modern and post-modern thought.  These repeated subjective motifs are expressed through modes of art media presentation that are generally eclectic and carefully thought out.  I personally am not anti modern or anti post modern art, I am only offering an alternative to the elitist art establishment's tired and settled course of procedure and agendas.