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Bay Area Sacred Arts Guild

I am starting a Sacred Arts Guild / Cooperative / Collective in the San Francisco Bay Area (East Bay). The Bay Area Sacred Arts Guild will exist as a co-op shared work and gallery space. 

Initially I am looking to find the appropriate individuals to partake in this venture. The guild and group's function will manifest itself in different ways (subject to occasional tweeks!):

  • Exchange of Sacred Art theories
  • The promotion of Faith Arts in the area
  • Seminars on various techniques and composition possibilities
  • A study of Sacred and Christian Art Aesthetics
  • The scheduling of various speakers with knowledge in the realm of Art History
  • A place of fellowship for Christian artists
  • The exchange of ideas about art and marketing

This venture will begin as a Facebook group and, through the process of finding the right like-minded people, become an established guild.

Please visit the Bay Area Sacred Arts Guild Facebook Group for updates and news regarding the guild!